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deCoubertin Books to publish On the Brink

‘A vivid and wise portrayal of football. For all the money washing around the sport, it is an incredibly fragile one, and this book reflects that, by travelling from the top table to the coal face. North West England provides a superb microcosm. This is reportage at its very best.' - Ian Herbert, Daily MailAs the days became shorter [...]

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Why We Write - Mark Platt

Born and bred in Liverpool, Mark Platt has followed the Reds all his life and attended his first game in 1978. He started writing about the club in 1992, as a founding editor of XTRA Time Magazine and is a regular contributor to both the LFC Matchday Programme and Official Magazine. Platt has been employed [...]

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On the Brink photography exhibition

As the days became shorter and the nights darker, Simon Hughes began a journey through the north west, the country’s most successful football region.During the winter of the 2016/17 English season Hughes met the individuals shaping the game, those able to explain how and why moods are changing from the top of the professional ladder [...]

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"Why We Write" - James Corbett

‘Once Everton touches you, nothing is ever the same again.’Alan Ball’s famous aphorism is one of the truest things anyone has ever said about a football club. Everton is a club that grips and obsesses, cradles and slaps you around, causes agony and joy. And that’s just as a supporter. As a writer who has seen in print more than [...]

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'Why we write' - Paolo Condo

In April 2011, Barcelona and Real Madrid faced each other four times in just 18 days: twice in Champions League semi-finals, once in La Liga, again in the Copa del Rey. Those 18 days descended into a strained, feverish period that defined an era for one of football’s most intense rivalries. Paolo Condo, a veteran [...]

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The Headlines

The ManagerRon Atkinson was on BBC Midlands 6:30 show with Ian Winter discussing his new autobiography and what the Midland football teams could expect this season.From Delhi to the DenITV London went Faceboook Live with Stephen Constantine. 'A gripping tale of triumph over adversity which should be required reading for all coaches and for anyone who doubts something can be achieved out of nothing.' SJA review [...]

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10 years on

10 years on from the surprising and shock win for Iraq in the 2007 Asian Cup, James Montague looks back with the man who made it possible, the man behind the team, the then Iraq national coach Jorvan Vieira. Jorvan Vieira still relives the memories of those few weeks in July every single day.  The Brazilian coach is [...]

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Why We Write - Tim Rich

Tim Rich is the ghost writer for Ron Atkinson's The Manager and Andrei Kanchelskis' Russian Winters. Here, Tim talked to us about that experience.  The writing I do is pre-figured by the word ‘ghost’. The first two books I have written for deCoubertin have seen me in front of a keyboard for hours upon end and [...]

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Why We Write - Andrei Kanchelskis

Russian Winters tells the story of Andrei Kanchelskis, the only man to have scored in a Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow derby. Here Andrei describes what made him want to write his new autobiography. My new book, called Russian Winters, is my third and they were all done for different reasons. When I was still a Manchester United [...]

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'Why we Write' - Stephen Constantine in conversation with Owen Amos

From Delhi to the Den tells the story of Stephen Constantine, the Indian national football team manager and “football’s most-travelled coach”. Here, Stephen and his co-author, BBC website journalist Owen Amos, explain how the book came about…Stephen Constantine: Owen, can you remember why you first emailed me in 2011?Owen Amos: I was organising a football tour to Nepal [...]

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