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Why We Write - Mark Platt

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Born and bred in Liverpool, Mark Platt has followed the Reds all his life and attended his first game in 1978. He started writing about the club in 1992, as a founding editor of XTRA Time Magazine and is a regular contributor to both the LFC Matchday Programme and Official Magazine. Platt has been employed by Liverpool Football Club since 2001, starting off as a journalist on the website before taking up a role as television producer when LFCTV launched six years later. He has penned eight previous books on Liverpool, including Cup Kings 1965 & 1977, At The End Of The Storm and Joe Fagan: Reluctant Champion. Here, Mark tells us what made him want to write about Liverpool FC and why The Red Journey

Let’s be honest. When it comes to the history of Liverpool Football Club, there is no shortage of suitable reading material already out there on the shelves.

For a club with such a proud and illustrious heritage, it’s no surprise that so many words have been written about it.

As an author and historian, the challenge, therefore, is always to try and find a fresh way of approaching such a well-versed subject.

With ‘The Red Journey’, I hope to have achieved that.

Even before embarking on this project, I’d like to think that I already knew a fair bit about Liverpool’s history. Born and bred in the city, the club is in my blood. I’ve supported the Reds since as far back as I can remember and was brought up on tales of the legendary names and games that have long since passed into Anfield folklore.

It stoked a passion that developed into a career and I have now been writing about it for the past quarter of a century. During this time I’ve delved deeper with my research and been privileged to have interviewed almost every significant living person connected to the club.

My previous Liverpool books have tended to focus on particular seasons (1946/47, 1965 and 1977), individuals (Joe Fagan and David Fairclough) or places (Anfield).

What sets ‘The Red Journey’ apart is the vastness of the topics covered and the in-depth conversational style in which the stories are delivered.

It relives the complete the history of Liverpool Football Club – from 1892 to the modern era – and is told entirely, in the collective voice of those who were there; the men in the thick of the action at all the major moments, the pivotal people at the heart of the numerous triumphs and travails.

From John Houlding to Jurgen Klopp, it features the recollections of over 150, players, managers and other key figures associated with the club, past and present. Fresh interviews and archived quotes, painstakingly weaved together to form the definitive ‘inside’ story of a team that rose from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest and best in the game.

As 18-time champions of England and five time kings of Europe, unbridled highs, heroic deeds and unforgettable adventures are obviously plentiful. As with any compelling story though, it’s one that is also tinged with its fair share of gut-wrenching lows, acts of villainy and times of trouble. It’s a roller-coaster ride through 125 years of history; a ‘Red Journey’ that, as supporters, we’ve all been part of.

To condense it all into just 400 pages has been a massive task but I believe the end product to be the first of its kind among the vast plethora of other books in the Liverpudlian library; one that will hopefully entertain as well educate, and act as a long lasting point of reference for future studies into the history of the world renowned institution that Liverpool Football club has become.

It’s a story that is constantly evolving and one that will continue to fascinate.

The book is out on the 26 October, but as with previous works we have opened up a subscription for those who would like to have their names listed in the book’s appendix. This period is open until 8 September and comes with free UK and subsidised overseas postage. To pre-order click here

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