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Running Man

'I sit now watching TV, watching players and I think, "How on earth are you playing in the Premier League?" That’s because I’m thinking to myself: "I can still play. Give me three months of pre-season, of working hard and I’ll be playing at that level, because you’re shit."' John Arne Riise sat down with Felix Keith of City AM to talk retirement and management.

John Arne also appeared on a number of podcasts, including The Anfield WrapFootball Italia and the Liverpool Echo's 'Blood Red' show with James Pearce. 

'I decided to be open and honest in my book, on and off the pitch, and hopefully people can say, "OK, he didn’t have a life just in football, there were ups and downs in his life as well," after reading it. Jon Arne spoke to Football Italia on why he decided to tell his story.

Bliss Radio interviewed John Arne Riise spoke to John Arne as he signed copies of his book at Pritchards, Crosby.

Toshack’s Way

'It’s useful, therefore, to reflect upon the sheer breadth and significance of Toshack’s career in the shape of this highly stimulating biography, co-authored with Dan Sung.' The Two Unfortunates on Toshack’s Way.

John also joined John Gibbons on The Anfield Wrap.

Ticket to the Moon

'Richard Sydenham’s meticulous research has contributed enormously to a gripping [tale] for all football fans.' Eric Brown of the Sports Journalists’ Association reviewed Ticket to the Moon.

Life in a Jungle

Bruce Grobbelaar appeared on Alive and Kicking: the 90s football podcast.

World in Motion

'There is no earthly reason how Simon Hart could have known that the 1990 World Cup would have so many echoes in this year’s tournament in Russia when he wrote this book. But watching the penalty drama and tearful defeats unfold on muggy summer evenings while simultaneously reading about the parallels of 28 years ago made World In Motion a delight.' The i paper included World in Motion in their best books of 2018 list. 

'My favourite football book of 2018 was Simon Hart’s World In Motion, the last word on the most divisive World Cup of all: Italia 90.Though the football often stank, no World Cup has produced such operatic drama or had quite such a cast of characters. Hart tracks down all the main players to hear the tragic, hilarious or bizarre tales behind our memories – and to demonstrate why no World Cup has had such a profound impact.' Rob Smyth added World in Motion to the Observer’s favourite sports books of 2018.

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