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World in Motion

World in Motion was serialised in The Guardian, with the focus on the opening chapter and the infamous Argentina - Cameroon clash. 

Simon Hart was on with Mike Minay on BBC Radio Manchester, and also appeared on ToffeeTV to talk all things World in Motion. 

The Irish Post chatted to Tony Cascarino, one of the heroes of Ireland's Italia '90 World Cup campaign, at the World in Motion event with Simon Hart and the RISSC London branch. 

“Pete Davies, wrote the magnificent 'All Played Out' at the time and I love that book but now that we're close to three decades on I find it fascinating to explore the impact of the tournament all over the world. I think that there was so much going on in football at that time. It was a moment that it was changing. Italia '90 played its part in that.” – Simon spoke to Chris Beesley of the Liverpool Echo about World in Motion and Pete Davies' seminal classic All Played Out. The Echo also featured World in Motion in another World Cup article. 

Gareth Roberts of The Anfield Wrap and Simon reminisce about a tournament they both look back fondly upon, while they also ran with an extract.  

The Strong Words Magazine put World in Motion in their ‘Books for Dads’ for Father’s Day.

“His World in Motion tome, revolving around the 1990 World Cup in Italy, should be read by sports fans and politicians alike.” – The Adelaide Advertiser reviewed World in Motion.

You’ll Never Walk

The Champion reported on the Saturday event at Pritchards with Andy Grant signing copies of You’ll Never Walk.

Andy was on Radio City Talk with Steve Hothersall to discuss his current #March4Mark campaign, walking the length of the Leeds/Liverpool canal.

Brian Reade looked ahead to England’s chances in the World Cup in The Mirror and implored them to take the messages Andy Grant gave them recently to heart.

“Everything just seemed too unfair. There was no reason for this to happen. She was a good person and no one could explain why she got this disease. I lost faith and couldn’t understand how this had happened.” – Andy spoke to Oncology Buddies Magazine about losing his mum, just aged 12.

Russian Winters

Richard Jolly looks at hosts Russia for the World Cup 2018 in The National, drawing on Andrei Kanchelskis’s opinion of the current team.

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